What are municipal taxes?

Municipal taxes are all taxes collected by city councils to promote community development and improvement, as well as to provide basic services to people within the municipality. Legally, all individuals and companies registered in the municipality that own urban or rural properties in it are obliged to pay these taxes.

What are the main municipal taxes that must be paid?

The main taxes collected by the City Council are the following:

  • Tax on Economic Activities (IAE). This is a direct tax levied on the performance of any economic activity. Anyone wishing to carry out a professional or economic activity must register for the IAE and pay the corresponding fee.
  • Real Estate Tax (IBI). This is one of the most important taxes for the municipal budget. This is a tax levied on any home or property owned. This tax also applies to garages and rural properties.
  • Tax on vehicles with mechanical traction. You pay for owning a car and driving it. It is annual and is mandatory for all cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles in the municipality.
  • Capital Gains Tax. This is a direct tax levied on the increase in value of the land owned by the taxpayer, i.e. the increase in the price of land. It is paid in the event of selling a flat or land and it is the seller who must pay it.
  • Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works. Tax on the execution of any type of work that requires the prior obtaining of town planning permission.

What are municipal fees?

They may seem the same, but they are not. Fees are paid for a particular type of service, so they do not necessarily have to be paid on an annual basis. The best known municipal fee is the urban waste fee (refuse collection fee), which is paid according to the type of dwelling and its size and is used to pay for the refuse collection service.

Where and when do I pay taxes?

Municipal taxes are paid once a year at the Municipal Revenue Service, located at 4 Calle Mariano Riquer Wallis. Information can be obtained by calling +34 971 04 02 02 41 or sending an e-mail to the following address: recaptacio@santaeularia.com. There is also the possibility of obtaining the receipts and making the payment online, through the website www.santaeularia.com.