Here is the first photograph of the community of European residents living in the town of Santa Eulària des Riu. The statistics have been provided by the INE (National Statistics Institute) and the IBESTAT (Statistical Institute of the Balearic Islands).

We must point out that the figures are never exact (especially on an island like Ibiza, where sociological change is continuous) and that we can provide both sources of data with the clarifications we consider necessary.

What is true, however, is that these statistics are accurate data that, at least, give us a preliminary basis for knowledge and discussion.


To begin with, let us look at the latest available statistics (IBESTAT) on the foreign population in the Balearic Islands. It is interesting to note the nationalities we do not always consider:

   Morocco 23.919
   Germany 19.209
   Italy 16.877
   United Kingdom 14.981
   Romania 12.712
   Bulgaria 7.349
   Argentina 6.584
   France 6.108
   China 5.201
   Ecuador 5.437
   Senegal 4.131


The review of the figures at the end of 2016 (IBESTAT) shows a total of 36,119 inhabitants, of whom 18,300 are men and 17,819 women. If we examine the data on the trend in the number of foreign-born residents of this total population, we reach the following conclusion:









With regard to the birthplaces of the inhabitants of Santa Eulària des Riu, an important factor for appraising their respective socio-cultural origins, the latest available figures for 2017 are as follows:

11,737 inhabitants were natives of the Mainland and the Canary Islands,

10,318 inhabitants were natives of foreign countries,

8,984 inhabitants were natives of other municipalities of the Pitiusas Islands,

5,140 inhabitants were natives of Santa Eulària des Riu,

426 inhabitants were natives of Mallorca or Menorca.

To conclude, in order to assess the proportion of European residents among the foreign population living in Santa Eulària des Riu, we should refer to the statistics below, corresponding to the years 2015-2016, which represent a sociological sample of 7,121 people and which reveal the respective proportions of the main nationalities.

   Italy 1237
   Germany 1130
   United Kingdom 1081
   Romania 0971
   Morocco 0651
   France 0624
   Netherlands 0358
   Argentina 0355
   Paraguay – Uruguay 0276
   Asia 0240
   Ecuador 0198


The first figures to become available in 2017 (Register of the Santa Eulària des Riu Town Council). These figures are provisional and are in the process of being processed by the official statistical agencies, at state level and at the level of the Autonomous Region of the Balearic Islands. This could explain, in addition to the natural sociological movements observed between 2015 and 2017, the discrepancy between the 2015-2016 figures (source Ibestat) and the 2017 figures (source Census). For the main European nationalities living in Santa Eulària des Riu, the figures are as follows:

   Italy 2122
   Romania 1510
   United Kingdom 2060
   Germany 2161
   France 1102
   Netherlands 0627


To conclude, it is interesting to note the data of migratory flow / foreigners in Santa Eulària des Riu. The figures are for 2016.

Immigration to (>) Santa Eulària des Riu in 2016: 877

Emigration from (<) Santa Eulària des Riu in 2016: 279

Namely: 1,156 migratory movements during the year, of which 75.86% are immigration movements and 24.13% are emigration movements.

We will provide other statistical information over the coming weeks, assessed according to different topics.

Santa Eulària des Riu Foreign Population Data

2017 data / source Ibestat / Govern Balear

Compiled by P. Bachellerie / 10-02-2019


Balearic Islands / importance of migratory flow / 2017 data

Period Figure
Migratory balance 2017 18.844
Total number of immigrations 2017 76.057
Total number of emigrations 2017 57.213


Out of a total of 1.16 million de inhabitants, the annual migratory flow is 133,270 people, 11.48%. 

Total Population Data 2017 / Santa Eulària des Riu

Men Women
2017 2017
Santa Eulària del Riu
  Spanish 14.011 13.500
  Foreign 4.604 4.490

Population of Santa Eulària des Riu in 2017 according to place of birth

Men Women
2017 2017
07054 Santa Eulària del Riu
Born in the Balearic Islands 7.264 7.286
Born in another Autonomous Region 6.166 5.571
Born abroad 5.185 5.133

11,737 inhabitants were born on the Mainland and the Canary Islands, 10,318 inhabitants were born abroad8,984 inhabitants were born in other municipalities of the Pityusic Islands, 5,140 inhabitants were born in Santa Eulària des Riu, 426 inhabitants were born on Majorca or Minorca.

Foreign population of Santa Eulària des Riu in 2017 by nationality.

France 0579
Italy 1367
Netherlands 0396
Portugal 0091
United Kingdom 1048
Germany 0920
Rest of UE 15 0349
Poland 0092
Rest of UE 25 0118
Bulgaria 0120
Romania 1052
Rest of Europe 0325
Ukraine 0147
Russia 0036
Morocco 0638
Nigeria 0002
Senegal 0030
Rest of Africa 0082
North America 0105
Cuba 0032
Dominican Republic 0039
Rest of Central America 0006
Argentina 0367
Bolivia 0026
Brazil 0194
Colombia 0156
Chile 0061
Ecuador 0173
Paraguay 0182
Uruguay 0122
Rest of South America 0078
China 0058
Philippines 0121
India 0021
Rest of Asia 0082
Oceania 0012