European Resident Service

This service’s goal is to promote the integration of European residents by involving them in our community and in its social, cultural and economic life.

The aim of this service is to promote contact between the Santa Eulària des Riu Town Council and the European residents who live in our municipality.

What services are provided?

The main objective of the European Resident Service is to inform, advise and promote activities, informing them about the municipal or state administrative procedures they have to go through when they come to reside permanently or are tourists who have their second home in our municipality.

  • To provide information in different languages.
  • To disseminate the activities, events and topics of general interest.
  • To provide a space for participation in activities and integration in the day-to-day life of our municipality.
  • To facilitate communication with the City Council.
  • Informative meetings held by the different parishes.
  • Spanish and Catalan courses for European residents.
  • Cultural activities and visits.
  • Agenda of events in several languages.
  • Creation of a section within the website for European residents, etc.
  • If you have any specific questions regarding the formalities at the City Council of Santa Eulàlia, the service can inform and advise you.
  • We also collect any proposals and initiatives that European residents want to send us within the framework of this project.

What activities does the service promote?


The European Resident Service holds various events to commemorate “Europe Day”, as well as meetings between residents. These meetings are intended as a day of interaction between the different nationalities of European residents living in our municipalities.


The courses take place in the municipal offices, are either free or subsidized and have a duration of 32 hours.


Tours to promote our historical and cultural heritage through cuisine, craftwork, traditional festivals, museums and the different parishes that form the essence of Santa Eulàlia.


Familiarizing European residents with our culture through practical workshops on local cuisine and crafts is a fun, interactive and practical way of doing things.


European residents have their own culture and experiences to share with the residents of Santa Eulalia. Through these workshops we offer them the possibility to show and share features of their identity, culture and traditions.


Promoting interaction between people who want to enrich their linguistic knowledge, meet people from other cultures or improve their language skills for work purposes.


Encouraging associations and working with associations by inviting residents to participate in their activities and the associations to participate in ours.


Creating a group of volunteers who can help and participate in future City Council activities.

How can I contact the European Resident Service Office?

The office is located in the Club Náutico building, in the Puerto Deportivo de Santa Eulària des Riu. The contact telephone number is +34 971 319407 and the e-mail adress is:

The opening hours are from 8:30 to 14:30 from Monday to Friday.